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We are looking for excellent players who are competitive and mature in their approach to the game. People who learn quickly, do not repeat the same mistakes over again, and are able to grasp new encounters. 

Our plans:

We prioritise PVE within the game and therefor have 3 raids scheduled each week, starting at 19:30 and ending at 00:00. Raids may overrun, we are not restricted to these times, but they are compulsary as a minimum. Our raiding days are as follows: 


We expect you to have time to be in most raids, being 80% attendancy, if you cannot commit this much time to us, you need not apply. 

We have a minimum age limit as like most guilds of 18, however exceptions to this rule may be applied at our discretion. 

We are looking for players who are able to join and fit straight into their role within raids, not hinder them. So, if you do not have the best gear available to you, be that epic craftables, rep items, or simply heroic drops, you need not apply either. If you cannot make the effort outside of our guild, how can we expect you to make the effort in our guild. 

We cannot tolerate technical issues, be that your PC/Laptop or you ISP, you are only wasting our time aswell as your own. 

Trials are conducted in 3 phases: 

Trial : You will be initiated into the guild, and assessed on your raiding abilities, be that skill, awareness, initiative, communication and most importantly, the ability to get on with your fellow raiders and guild members. At this assessment stage you will have no priority on loot in any raid. If we cannot get along, I'm sure you can guess the outcome. 

Raider: The clue is in the title, promotion to raider makes you a fully fledged member of Dude Wheres My Mount, giving you equal rights to any other raider in the guild regardless of how long they have been with us, Beware, this does not warrant your attitude to change towards raiding and/or its raiders, officers and class leaders will still expect 100% from you at all times. 

We operate an DKP system to deal with loot, details can be found in the raid forum (access will be granted to these closed forums upon commencement of your trial). 

During your trial, and so far as becoming a member, we expect you to bring along enough consumeables to last you the entire raid, failure to do so will mean demotion or removal from the guild. This goes for trials and raiders alike. We also expect you to read up or watch videos of every encounter, be that encounters we have suceeded or encounters yet to be conquered. Do not expected to be baby sat throughout your raiding experience because it simply will not happen. 

Should you fail your trial, you will be asked to leave. 

Should you request to stop raiding after passing trial within 3months, you will be asked to leave. 

Receiving a trial and passing is not a way around becoming a social member in our guild. 

Those ceasing raiding will be allowed to stay in as a social member solely at the officers discretion. 

During raids we currently operate Ventrilo vers 3 as a means of communication, if you do not already have this, it is a must. You must also have means of communicating on said software, this does not mean you have talk at every opportunity but simply means you have the ability to communicate when necessary. 

Should it arise that you cannot make it to a raid, or make it there on time it is mandatory to create a thread in the raid forum, this should clearly state the day in question, and the reason behind it. If a thread for the specific day already exists please reply in that thread. 

How to write an application 
What to write in the application? Well, if you cant take the time to write a propper application, dont ask us to take the time to consider it. This is your first chance to make an impression, and tell us about you as a raider/gamer and person. Include information that we need to get an idea about how you will fit into the guild, and how your character is progressed in terms of gear, attunements ect. Be honest, lieing on you application will result in a swift denial and if we find out later, even when you are accepted as a raider we will still kick you if you have been lieing to you guildmates form day 1. 

We look forward to your applications, good luck. 

Should you have any questions or wish to have your application viewed with discretion please PM it to an officer or relevant class leader as detailed below: 

Guild Leader - Mloda

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